Uccidere lo stafilococco aureo con gli enzimi?

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Uccidere lo stafilococco aureo con gli enzimi?

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Uno studio che potrebbe rivelarsi interessante:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/article ... ntibiotics
Endolysins are enzymes that play an important role in the reproduction process of viruses called phages, which are the natural enemies of bacteria.

Phages kill bacteria by latching onto their cell walls and injecting their DNA inside so that new phages can be produced inside the cell.

Next, the bacterial cell wall needs to be opened to let the new phages out, and this is accomplished by an enzyme called an endolysin, which breaks open the bacterial cell wall, killing the bacteria in the process.

Researchers at Micreos, a Netherlands based antibacterial technology company, have harnessed the power of these enzymes to create the first endolysin registered for human use against bacterial infections (Staphefekt).

This endolysin is called Staphefekt and it only targets Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and is now being tested in a clinical trial in the Netherlands.
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