L'alcool e l'istamina

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a seconda delle singole intolleranze e allergie
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L'alcool e l'istamina

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Asthma UK notes that red wine is the biggest offender, followed by white wine and then beer and cider. More than just amplifying hay fever symptoms, for asthmatics booze has also been known to cause an asthma attack.

Does that mean you should stay away from drinking during allergy season? No, of course not. That would be crazy.

Different people will obviously have different reactions to things, so there’s a solid chance your favorite alcohol is just fine. If you’re suffering, just pay careful attention to how you feel pre and post drink.

If you do have an issue, Asthma UK suggests making the switch to clear liquors such as vodka and gin. Both have very low levels of histamines and sulfites (also known to cause asthma attacks).
Quindi, se avete problemi, cercate di evitare vino rosso, bianco, birra e sidro. Meglio i superalcolici vodka e gin, secondo l'articolo. Meglio evitare del tutto l'alcool, dico io.
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